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NUMBERS: What They Reveal About You

NUMBERS: What They Reveal About You
NUMBERS: WHAT THEY REVEAL ABOUT YOU is an excellent startingpoint for beginners in numerology and those who are curious about theimportant role numbers play in their lives. You needn’t know anything about numerology to be able to enjoy and benefit from this book, especially if you wantsomething simple, direct, accurate and powerful.

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Ever wonder how your birth name and date of birth affect the course of yourlife? In this book on numbers and numerology, Yasmin Ng enlightens the readeron how numbers can be a powerful force that drives your fate – revealing yoursoul, personality, power name, birth date, life path and attitude. Along with thecomplete profile of your personal strengths, weaknesses, habits and desires,your outer personality will be defined – how others see and describe you. Youwill also understand why you think, feel and react the way that you do throughphysical, emotional, intuitive and mental planes. These aspects can also tell youa great deal about your partner. Are you seeing the real thing?

Master the simple equation andcalculate the numbers of everyone around you – your partner, family members,friends and colleagues – within seconds! Answer all your questions withNUMB3RS … what do they reveal about you?

  • Pub Year 2014
  • Language English
  • ISBN 9789675266065
  • Format Paperback
  • Author Yasmin Ng
  • Publisher ZI Publications Sdn. Bhd.