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Most students memorize well and do not need extra help in mentally accumulating Physiological information. However, when it comes to integrating Physiology mechanisms and discerning priorities in control pathways during homeostatic, compensatory responses, students often encounter problems.    

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To grasp the Physiological reactions at a given situation, students have to go beyond mere memorizing of descriptive facts.
The use of graphs in this q-PL series is about correlating relationships among the spectrum of Physiological responses that are triggered concurrently in vivo when required. In the notes written to each topic, some common misconceptions in Renal Physiology are also addressed.
Section 1
1. Cardiac Output and Renal Blood Flow
2. Filtration Selectivity
3. Renal Handling of Plasma Proteins
4. Renal Net Filtration Pressure
5. Renal Rate of Filtration
6. Rate of Urinary Excretion
7. Renal Handling of Inulin
8. Glomerular Filtration Rate and Renal Arterioles
9. Glomerular Oncotic Pressure
10. Renal Blood Flow and Sympathetic Nerve
11. Renal Autoregulation
12. Fick’s Principle for Renal Blood Flow
13. Renal Hemodynamics
14. Filtered Load and Rate of Tubular Reabsorption
15. Glomerulotubular Balance and Sodium
16. Tubular Solute Concentration
17. Creatinine Excretion
18. Renal Clearances
19. Renal Flows
20. Units in Renal Physiology
21. Renal Handling of Urea
22. Urea Excretion
23. Renal Handling of Water
24. Tubular Fluid Osmolarity
25. Tubular Fluid Osmolarity During Dehydration
26. Drinking 900 ml of Water
27. Renal Handling of Potassium
28. Renal Handling of Sodium
29. Renal Handling of Chloride
30. Sodium and Blood Volume
31. Drinking 1 Liter of Isotonic Saline
32. Titration Curve of a Weak Acid
33. Excretion of Hydrogen Ion
34. Anion Gap in pH Disturbance
35. Cystometrogram
Section 2
1. Renal Haemodynamics
2. Peritubular and Glomerular Fluid Exchange
3. Filtered Load
4. Glomerular Filtration Rate and Sodium
5. Proximal Tubule Sodium-Linked Transport
6. Solute and Sodium Reabsorption at Proximal Tubule
7. Renal Handling of Sodium
8. Renal Sodium Excretion and ECF
9. Tubular Fluid Osmolarity
10. Renal Handling of Water
11. Sodium Chloride and Body Fluid
12. Sweating and Body Fluid Physiology
13. Anti-Diuresis and Tubular Fluid Osmolarity
14. Water Diuresis
15. Renal Handling
16. Renal Glomerular and Tubular Functions
17. Occasional Renal Events
18. Glucosuria in Diabetes
19. Potassium Physiology
20. Potassium Homeostasis
21. Organic Anions
22. Urinary Calcium Excretion
23. Plasma Phosphate and Renal Failure
24. Bicarbonate/Carbonic Acid Buffer
25. Urinary Buffers
26. Renal Net Acid Excretion
27. Effects of Metabolic Acidosis
28. Acid-Base Regulation
29. Renal Acid-Base Regulation
30. Renal pH Compensation in Vomiting
31. Renal and Respiratory Control of pH Balance

  • Publisher August Publishing Sdn Bhd
  • Pub Year 2010
  • Language English
  • ISBN 9789833317783
  • Format Paperback
  • Author Cheng Hwee Ming